She was a body builder and her muscles intimidated men.
She wanted romance but most of the men that she met wanted to be friends.
She felt that she was feminine.
But all that the guys saw were muscles bulging under her skin.
It took her some time.
But she finally found a man sweet and kind.
And her hard body and muscles, he didn't mind.

by Lamar Cole

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Thank you... I thought it was just my 'puter. Some things just need to be said! And thank you for saying them! Lee
You sparkle when you write. You have the gift to show your good sense of humor ans spunkiness that shines. Great job!
Gather megabytes while ye may.
Sad but true Elysabeth. It is a great site and I love it but they do need to sort the speed out and the damn Pop Ups. Love David
Absolutely Have spent hours trying to post and cannot seem to stay in any place for more than a few seconds but that could be my server. Cheers, Margery.
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