'A Small Boys Desire' Pt. I (Short Story)

Pressing my face against the glass, I feel the coolness of the world outside. With one hand I draw a snowman into the fog that is on the glass. My other hand is clasped gently into my mother’s hand.

“The world just speeds by” I think, whispering to myself. “I would give anything to escape this car and play in the cool and pure snow”.

I turn to see my mother resting peacefully as the train continues through the countryside. “Should I wake her” I ask to myself. What good would that do? She won’t be able to stop the train.

I again look out the frosted window, at the evergreens covered softly in a new blanket of snow. I see children laughing, as they build snowmen, make snow angels, and throw snowballs. How I long to join them in there fun and games.

“I can sneak out; Mom won’t wake up for hours”. I remember the way the kind porter took me to see the conductor earlier that morning. “I can convince him to stop and let me play in just a few minutes”.

I reach into my pocket searching for something to give the elderly conductor. “Would he want gum or a fuzzy tic tac”. I think to myself. I reach deeper praying that I can find something that I can give to him; when my small hand touches it. “There is no way the conductor could ever say no now”.

I slowly let go of my sleeping mother’s hand as I creep for the cabin door…..


by michael brown

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