A Small Boys Desire Pt. Ii (Short Story)

I push the door open hoping I won’t wake my mother. The door softly creeks as it slowly swings open. I peek my head around the door scanning the scene. Stepping into the hallway, I tiptoe towards the engine car.

Gradually, I move faster as I distance myself from my mother. I am now running with eager anticipation of playing in the snow.

Suddenly, I trip falling into a heap on the floor, As I pick myself up, I look down and see that my shoestrings are untied. I quickly tie my shoes as I continue on. I reach the engine door and I barge my way in panting and out of breath.

The very tall, but hunched over conductor turns to see what the commotion is all about. When he sees me he smiles as I approach. I fiddle around with the object in my pocket, as I start in with my plea. I pull out a small replica of the engine car we are standing in. The kindly Engineer smiles as he listened to what I have to say.

With a wink of his eye and a tip of his cap, he pulls on his cord and pressed on the brakes. “I am having the best day of my life” I thnk to myself. I hand the small toy over to the conductor as the train comes to a stop.

I thank the conductor as I race to the door, my heart beating twice as fast. I can almost taste the snow. I reach the door way and I jump out leaving the train behind…..

by michael brown

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this is good. but I think that think in the last stanza should be thank unless that's just cuz' of your little southern drawl thing. the rest of tuesday quizzers agree with me: with you think is that thank and thank is think so maybe you don't need to fix anything. also, watch your tenses (meaning past, present, and future) make sure they stay consistent. but I really like the story...so far... -landrey