'A Small Boys Desire' Pt. Iii (Short Story)

I land in the snow and roll down a small hill. When I reach the bottom I brush the snow off of me and run towards the other kids playing.

It seems as if I get there just in time. They are about to pick sides for a game of war with snowballs. Out of breath I ask, “Can I play”. “Of course”, they shout.

I get picked by the bigger of the two captains. As my team runs towards our side of the woods, a burst of adrenaline shoots through my body. “I can’t believe I am doing this” I say to myself.

Sydney, the boy who picked me, starts barking out orders to everyone. “We have thirty minutes to prepare our side for the battle”. “Let’s get started”.

A small girl named Ruth and I start to build a wall of snow and ice around the clump of trees that is our base. Sydney, and two boys, named Eric and Jasper, start making snowballs. A very quiet and shy girl named Phyllis, sets off to spy on our enemies.

Fifteen minutes go by and no one has said a word. We are all business. Ruth and I are almost down with our wall when Phyllis comes back with her report. “They are setting up multiple forts that are smaller and spread out”. By doing this, they haven’t had as much time to gather ammunition. “We have the advantage”. I chide in.

A voice in the distance shouts “Ready! ” and Sydney shouts back that we are ready as well. We set up mounds of snowballs behind bushes and trees on our way towards the other side. We can now move freely towards the enemy and fire when we are in a good position.

I run towards the right side of the woods and get to a pile of snowballs. Jasper and Eric are guarding the fort, while Sydney, Ruth, Phyllis and I go on the offensive.

I sit and wait for my first victim, when suddenly three boys slowly appear from behind several trees. I want to call out for help, but that would only give my position away.

I have one ball in my right hand and two in my left hand. I wait till they are in the open. I stand up and am about to throw when I get hit in the left side. I realize that they found me out and that I am trapped.

I fling the one ball in the direction of the three boys and miss badly. I start to run away from the direction from where I was hit, when I am hit again. This time I am hit in the left knee.

“They are everywhere” I think to myself. I start to run and hear kids shouting and running after me. I am hit again, this time in the back. I run up a steep hill that overlooks our fort. I reach the top and look back and see four boys ready to throw their payload. I take a deep breath and jump towards the fort.

Suddenly, I wake up from my dream wondering where I am. “I am in a very strange place” I whisper to myself. Nothing seems familiar. I look across the bed over to the nightstand and see the Gideon’s Bible. “Oh, Yeah” I think, I am on that business trip in Iowa. “I really should get back to sleep, I have a really big presentation tomorrow”.


by michael brown

Comments (3)

You got me! Surprise ending! Nicely done. I never knew you to be so descriptive! I loved it.
I really liked the ending. makes me want to have some snow though. -landrey
Such a delightful story, dreaming of the child that still lies within us! Wonderful piece