A Smile On A Painting And A Melody Of A Symphony

I love in you that smile traced on your visage,
Brightened with the lightness of your eyes.
I love in you the vividness of your voice,
And the attractiveness of your femininity.

Your smile to your face gave the meaning of innocence,
Usually revealed by the children's countenances.
Your smile fulfilled your body with such femininity,
Which attracted the painters' fingers
To paint their most marvellous paintings,
And fascinated the musicians' strings
To compose their most beauteous symphonies.

My eyes realized the beauty and the value of the painters' paintings
Since they caught sight of your smile,
Which the nature's hands portrayed
And printed on your face.

Consequently, you were Mona Lisa
By whom all the aficionados' eyes were captivated.
And Nature was Leonardo Da Vinci
Whose fingers painted
And his thoughts bestowed
That marvelling smile on the painting of your face.

Additionally, with your paradisiacal voice,
You were the ninth symphony
That astonished all the listeners.
And your scarlet mouth was Beethoven,
Which whensoever it utters
It articulates a deific melody
That attracts all the listeners' ears.

Oh! What exquisite eyes you do have! !
Oh! What stunning they are, indeed! !
They are two pearl nuggets,
Which descended from the Moon's powder
And set down gently upon your eyes.
They are two bracelets among Chosroes' Bracelets,
Gathered by Muslim Conquerors
When they triumphed over Persia,
Which, thenceforward, had been carried
And homed onto your face - onto your eyes.

Henceforth, I was the first aficionado
Who, with my Love Card to you, purchased the Mona Lisa.
And my ear was the first listener
That listened to one or more of your symphonies.

Likewise, my heart was Surakah
He, then, wore your eyes and put them on his hands.
And palmed the two pearls firmly.
And then, he homed them to his heart box.
He locked them up.
So that neither the beholders' eyes will be appealed
Nor will the thieves be.

by Walid Boureghda

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