A Smile On Your Face

Put a smile on your face and be glad always,
But this message is for the child who hasn't eaten for days;
Let me see the smile on your face always,
Because this parcel is for the woman who was at the gate last night;
For she opened the gate for us and we went in to meet the madam of the house,
And this is also for the victims of war all over the globe.

Some people are hated in this world and other are being loved,
But put a smile on your face and be glad always;
For this parcel is for the lady whom i met at the gate,
And of the care of others in this world as well.

There are orphans everywhere in the world!
So put a smile on your face to express your muse;
For the flood victims have no shelter as at now,
And we need to help them too.

Anything can occur in this world at anytime,
For nature is not in out hands to control;
And like the suffering of the people all over the globe.

Of poetry, of love and peace, of the care of all mankind!
The truth is always he truth;
And like the living creatures in the waters,
But all the birds will fly up high to take a view on us.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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