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A Smoker's Sob (2) (A Child Fell From Balcony)

Once there was a smoker,
who had a son toddler,
living in an apartment of sky-scraper.

His wife wanted the home smoke-free,
to live in an environment...so healthy.
He was allowed to smoke at balcony.

One day his wife was not at home,
and the son was hungry, crying in the room.
At that moment, the smoker wanted to have some puffs of cigarette,
He carried the child with his left,
and lighted the cigarette with his right.
The child made a sudden wiggling movement with its might.
He lost the balance and hold of the child,
who fell to the ground and instantly died.

Since then, with anger and regret his heart was choked.
All his dream about a happy family went into thin smoke.
For forgiving himself, he saw at the end of tunnel, no light of hope.

(Based on true story)

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A very sad tale but I must say, accidents happen. Some can be avoided with care but some can't. It must be hell to live with such a tragedy though. Good write, Tai