Returning Home Late

There is girl clutter on the floor:
hairbrushes, ribbons, plastic glitter
and socks.

Don't touch a thing.
There is nothing to put away,
no such place as away to put things.

How perfectly your daughters
have left evidence of their abundance.
Leave it.

Go to them. This is the beginning
of the painting, in which they will show you
who you are.

(first published in The Pocket Parenting Guide, Puddinghouse Press,2000)

by Rasma Haidri

Comments (3)

Laces for a lady, letters for a spy. Wonderful conceptualization. Thanks for sharing.
First heard this poem from my sister, reciting it to me when I was 9/10yrs old, during a stormy night, (thunder and lighting) loved the visions it gave me as I drifted off to sleep listening to my sister's voice.
I must have been about 10 when I discovered this poem, and I read it so many times I ended up being able to recite it. I just love the way Rudyard Kipling's words flow with such unstoppable rhythm - he is my favourite poet and this is my favourite poem.