The Lucifer Effect { Apocalypse De Abaddon} - (Rev)

____________ I ____________
______A S P E R S I O N S_______

I will not die, will not deign mortality;
I stand opposed, defiant to Life's reality;
I guffaw at Times' ever-circling hands,
Moving faster than wind-swept sand.

How do You give all- then take all away
This gift of Yours wrapped in years and day's
Free Will, a gift...tempation guaranteed
To bait ones yen with Abaddon's seeds.

_____________ I I ______________
_____F A L S E *A C C O L A D E S______

You reign with powers lauded 'All Supreme',
Controling land, sky, the underground seas.
Certainly a King, more powerful than Time
Could spare a moment from 'His' chalice
.........................for fresh bread and wine.

_____________ I I I _____________
_________D E C E P T I O N_________

Take a look into my eys's, see the nuance, and-
jaunt beyond lights dawning renaissance.
Take my hand, trust in friendship...and You'll see -
All that stands before your eye's be yours with me!

Friend, why must we wage war over the past?
Have you not seen what i've done since we battled last?
Tear and blood pour deep from shore to shore;
Take my hand, Yeshua, and all mine be Yours.

_____________ I V _____________
__A B A T I N G *A S S E R T M E N T 'S__

You claim Your Father hath bestowed on You,
Pontiffications, ultimate Light and Rule.
But if You are all this, please tell me why -
You hung helpless on a Cross 'til Your Spirit died!

There are no rules with me, no blood to spill;
My people come from 'blooming' dales and 'aisled' hills.
Capitols to there be no bias;
Only fools are altruistic, pure and pious.

________________ V _______________
________ W I S D O M *&* T R U T H_______

So, what say You now, King of Kings, can you see,
That your Kingdom needs an Overlord like me?
What's that you say, You're going to take a pass?
That the green You see is not of greener grass?

Well, then, on we'll move, show me that door,
The one that will discharge 'The Final War'.
Do You really think you can make me disappear?
For if you could, You wou.....................+

_______________ V I _____________
________A D - I N F I N I T U M________

And, by God's Hand, the Cross stands tall,
o'er the seven horn's...on beastly head's of Ten
Conquered, by the Seventh Seal, Christsent, Lo!
Read The Book of Revelation...and, comprehend.

Wisdom speaks.....and bears the mark of Light;
Judgement commeth by a numbers Holy plight,
And that number be three seven's, Three in One;
Smybol of the Trinity, Circle of Eternity,
Forever within our souls... the mark of The Son.

_______________ F j R ______________

© 2014-All rights reserved
Frank James Ryan Jr. / FjR

Revised Feb.19th,2016
Reposted Feb.25th,2016

by Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR)

Comments (3)

Laces for a lady, letters for a spy. Wonderful conceptualization. Thanks for sharing.
First heard this poem from my sister, reciting it to me when I was 9/10yrs old, during a stormy night, (thunder and lighting) loved the visions it gave me as I drifted off to sleep listening to my sister's voice.
I must have been about 10 when I discovered this poem, and I read it so many times I ended up being able to recite it. I just love the way Rudyard Kipling's words flow with such unstoppable rhythm - he is my favourite poet and this is my favourite poem.