JG (8/26/90 / New Windsor, NY)

A Snowy Afternoon

I sit and gaze at the legal white powder that
brings a smile to our children's faces.
I gaze and notice how quiet the town can get
when that first flake collapsed on the concrete.
I notice the lightest piece of nature can
tear down the largest tree branch if enough
rests on its already corroding bark.
What a glorious afternoon to sit and ponder.
Such freedom this afternoon provides.
Such happiness that overcomes my being.
Forgetful I become of the pain I suffer internally.
The pain that rests beneath the surface of my
shattered heart.
This snowy afternoon which I can't explain the
for the knowledge it contains,
no one knows its secrets.

I sit here and gaze once more.
Noticing the ground sit so pure, untouched.
I see nothing but light reflected from the sky's
ocean full of grey clouds.
The crows that soar up above look like black
footsteps a shadow would leave.
Once the sky soars into the darkness, and
the snow becomes unnoticed by the eyes of
the youth, the magic of freedom was won over
by the shadows.
The snowy afternoon was eaten away by
the crow's place of tranquility.
Now to rest, the snow can only be seen by the
reflection of the moon and stars.
The snows's only way to stay alive until the
sun destroys the moon's glare once again,
and the freedom of the next morning will take
To replenish the absence of one of the earth's
most beautiful wonders.

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