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A Sobering Tale.
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

A Sobering Tale.

Sometimes he sits, sometimes he thinks.
At other times combines the two
More frequently he sits and drinks.
Because he cannot bear the view.

The only view that he can see
through pain filled eyes awash with tears.
He can remember vividly.
The promise of his early years.

When he was young and full of hope.
He had the whole world by the tail
But later found he could not cope,
although he tried to no avail.

Discovering that a drink or two
helped to alleviate the stress
A sorry story nothing new
His life became a complete mess.

He lost his job it had to come.
His drinking led to a divorce.
His wife then claimed the family home.
His life sped on it’s downwards course.

A friend became his enemy
because he let it take control.
It took him over completely.
Dependent now on alcohol.

No longer does he drink from choice
That luxury is now denied.
He drinks to still the nagging voice
which urges him to suicide.

Today he’s just a drunken bum
with nothing to look forward to.
Bar cheap red wine to make him numb
albeit temporarily.

Sometimes he sits, sometimes he thinks
sometimes he can combine the two.
More often though he sits and drinks
There’s nothing he would rather do.

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What a wonderful narrative poem.It describes well a life of a drunken man. Drinking moderately is good but to over consume it, it won't do any good. Thanks! best regards, jdh