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A Soft Music

A Soft Music

A soft music from soul has entered my heart's ear,
I heard and enjoyed it through my inner eye's deepest depth,
And now it is reverberating in my inside and outside,
It keeps humming a song of love and being in peace

Whenever I feel entangled in the concertina wire of my mind,
It helps me in detaching myself in a wink of eye,
Just like a bee that is focussed on collecting nectar,
Detaches itself from the multivarious colours of flowers

The mellow voice gives me peace and harmony,
It awakens in me a sense of the beauty of reality,
It frees me from the distractions of five senses,
It liberates me from the fluctuations of flickering mind

It encourages me to stop living materialistically,
It reminds me that love and peace are my tremendous needs,
Dear mellow heavenly sound, please do not leave me,
I cherish you so much, I pray you to stay with me eternally

I know on your wings alone can I get to the Kauthar of light
The fountainhead of light upon light beyond lāhūt,
Where Mustaffa promises his lover to greet,
And reveal what the maqām-e-mehmūd is


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