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A Soldier Never Cries
KX (March 27 / Long Island, NY)

A Soldier Never Cries

Poem By kathryn _xo

As he sits alone on the plane,
Thinking of his life back home
And how he will never be the same.
His family and daughter praying that he will come back soon
Wishing on the stars and even the moon
And a small tear slides from his eyes
But he remembers what his daughter told him,
“Daddy, a soldier never cries.”
So he wipes away the tears and knows that he must be strong
Instead he starts singing the tune to a very sad song
He’s scared to death of the thought that he might die
And he’ll have to watch in heaven as his funeral passes by.
He steps out of the plane into a lonely place
And sees a little boy with a look on his face
A look of lost hope
Lost dreams and a broken heart
He searches for an answer,
Where does he start?
He takes the little boy’s hand
And gives him a piece of bread
And they begin to walk in the hot sun and never-ending sand
In a dangerous place so far away from love
But somehow connected by God watching from above
A soldier walks with a broken heart
On a journey to save his country
On a mission to embrace the world
They walk together in silence
Until they both begin to sing the tune to a very sad song.
As another small tear slides from his eyes
He can hear the words in his mind
“Daddy, a soldier never cries.”
These words keep him living through everyday
As we hope Dad will come home soon
We wish on the stars and even the moon.
I will love you Dad forever
And distance cannot keep us apart
I will always love you with all the love in my heart.

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