A Soldier's Duty

I wish that God would take away this pain within my heart
It's been deep inside me right from the very start.
When they came to tell me you had gone away
I would not believe them, I wanted you to stay.
I wish that on that fateful day you'd not been on call,
But it's soldiers duty to help and protect all.
When that single shot was fired, you were not the one,
But you were standing close by; now, my love, you're gone.
My heart is very heavy and I feel so very sad
When I think about our life and all the happy times we had.
You were a loving father to daughter and our son
And time is passing slowly now that you are gone.
My life is now a single track, you left me here alone
So I must journey forward with my children, on my own.
But we will always be together, we two will be as one
For you, my love, will live forever in our daughter and our son.

by Iris Taylor

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