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A Soldier's Guardian Angle
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A Soldier's Guardian Angle

Poem By Bill Freeman

A Solder's Guardian Angle

When we had our first meeting!
You should have felt my heart beating.

When I had you in my arms!
I knew it wasnt cause of my charms.

When were apart!
I can feel you in my heart.

When we kissed i was shy!
I wanted to hide in the sky.

When I asked you to marry
I thought it was scary.

When you said Yes!
I never felt less.

When it comes to my decision! I know you saw my vision.

When in my time of death!
I know when can share the last breath.

When looking back knowing it wasnt a mistake!
I want to meet you all over agian but this time. i dont want my heart to ache.

All this comes to I love you!
Cause your like my dove.

Your name is like a Jingle!
I'm glad Im not single.

Now i can die!
Knowing your by my side.

Writen by
Bill Freeman
Soon to be Ct national guard!

For Heidi Gilcreast

Friday May 9th 2008 at 2: 36 pm

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