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A Soldier's Poem
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A Soldier's Poem

Poem By Melissa L. Phillips

There is a time when sounds of war will ring
And songs of Liberty and Freedom we will sing. As the brave soldier stands at the point of fight,
he or she may fear for what is right. For the reasons of war; land, power, hunger or greed,
We know to maintain peace, I guess "War" is what we need So as the soldier stands at the eye of his enemy,
He shoots the enemy down and prays for his eternity. Only God knows who is right or who is wrong
but with God's strength our country shall stand strong And for the lives that suffered, we will mourn
Because of them our flag shall not be torn! Let us learn and remember the important of peace,
And pray to God for this War to cease! "Desert Storm 90-91"
A mission never to be forgotten"

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