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A Soldier's Regret
NS ( / India)

A Soldier's Regret

Color rises with me into the sky
Am I dead or just dreaming?
What drug has penetrated my will?
What is this tuneless screaming?

This man, is he my creator?
Or is he an imposter like the rest?
I know not if amnesia burdens me
Or if this is some untimely test

Is there a moral difference between two extremes?
Or do I blindly follow what is said?
Is this apathy or just confusion?
Too long have I fought and bled

Why should I fight for this country,
With only the benefit of a likely death
Peace and permanence
Can not be uttered in the same breath

I fought for peace through violence
What sense governs such actions?
Only now have I realized
Why the world is formed in fractions

As yet they strive for peace through war
I have attained enlightenment
Away from their eternal conquest for superior firepower
No longer am I enslaved by their establishment

The only peace is power
Superiority is respect
Was this earth's intended path?
Or is this world a defect?

Am I over-reacting? No
I simply ask this: Is all truth gone from this place?
If so, please give me my unemployment cheque
And I will move to find solace.

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