A Soldier's View

A war begins when two sides falter
To come to terms on simple matters
When people cannot coincide
On certain objectives it's suicide
Imperfect minds come into dissension
The next move made is uncertain aggression
The first shot fired from bitterness and hate
The other side's willingness to retaliate
Innocent ones taken in violent action
The brave you pretend gives no satisfaction
Destruction surrounds you on every side
Fear begins to take the soldier's pride
When all you witness is wasteful deeds
In mind or flesh you're bound to bleed
They say in a war there are a number of heroes
For in the taking of lives that count is zero
For all the turmoil, misery and pain
Regardless of the outcome there is no gain
War is hell for all involved
When it is finished there is no resolve.

by Dennis Gobin

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