A Soldier's Wife.

She was married to a soldier,
Who left for the camp,
A month after holidays,
Word coming of war in siachen

by RAVIKIRAN ARAKKAL Click to read full poem

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he news of demise Of her dear husband, By a captian of the army, Annoucing a compensation Of half a million bucks, Which was claimed By his parents and in laws, She was made a destitute.......sorrows, child, cruel fate..... marvelously written. thankyou tony
A [iece that touches the heart. So true...
really true..but nobody seems to undrstnd d despair of his wife or his mom......
Indeed, a mother's sacrifice can be likened to a soldier's too. Sad though because she was deprived and cheated and preyed upon by selfish people.
I gave this a 10 because of the cruelty suffered by women in certain parts of this world. It makes me ill, but I need not be better off than they. What right have I to this Heaven while my sisters dwell in Hell. GW62
excellent poem a tribute those departed souls
the words brought out the plight and suffering of the widow of a soldier......
This is a bitter fact of Indian widows........................every family is the same........all after the money................Ive been in the same boat Ravi Your poem revived my struggle... all my life I have suffered! Thanks for sharing Warm Regards saroj
How pitiful is the plight of the soldier's wife in your poem. Yet, her life reflects the lives of several like her.