NH (2/18/1963 / ohio)

A Soldier Went To Heaven

A soldier went to Heaven
And stood at the Pearly Gates
And asked himself out loudly
'Is this a joke or my fait? '

When St. Peter spoke to him
And said 'Son this is no mistake! '
'You was blown up by a land mine! '
'So welcome to heaven'and offered his hand to shake

'Do you remember the little girl? '
'That you so boldly jumped to save? '
'Well, she was just your bait! '
'And now your body lays in a grave! '

'Oh don't get me wrong! '
'The girl survived just fine'
'Someone put her in that spot '
'Just so you would trip on that mine! '

'Now as far as your family'
'Your wife is pregnant with your son! '
'Your mom and dad are both ill'
'While your brother is out having fun! '

'Do you remember your sweetheart? '
'The one, when you was back in school? '
'Well she also had your son! '
'Now don't you feel just like a fool? '

'Now your buddies in your troop'
'They got the guy who set that mine'
'He fought until he was shot to pieces'
'Aint it ironic, how things work out so fine? '

'You have a few buddies already here'
'Who also died by trial and error'
'But all by the same token'
'You all died, trying to end the world of terror'

'So come on through these pearly gates'
'You might say we've been expecting you! '
'Did you know you are one of the bravest? '
'And let me tell you that is getting very few! '

'So come on in son, make yourself at home'
'This is more than you could ever dream of! '
'But the most important thing to remember? '
'This whole place is based on love! '

wrote 3/10/2008 by Norman Hale Jr.

by norman hale

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