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A Soldiers Eyes
K (1991 / Bury St Edmunds)

A Soldiers Eyes

Poem By katie

when you look into a soldiers eyes
you see the images locked deep inside
the torture and hate he has seen
the deaths of friends that have been
the hard decisions he has made
the killing blast of one grenade
the countless men he has killed
the dangerous missions he has fulfilled
the horrific gore
the madness of war
the deaths of the innocent, their piercing scream
now you too wont be able to dream
that steely eyed soldier was just a boy
untill war took all his joy.
so when you meet a soldier with distant eyes
think of what he has seen and why he wears that disguise.

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Comments (12)

thank you this poem as a fellow soldier i thank you agian i can tell you that this poem is a good representative of a soldiers life and i salute you a job well done thank you
Broke my heart... this poem brought tears to my eyes. You say a lot with your words. This trully expresses the true thoughts of a soldier. Powerful peace, thanks! :) Katie you are a true poet...10+++
Hi! , I’m Eddie Roa and I just got in to this website. By chance I came across your name in the list of poets and read some of your works. I have posted some of my poems today and yesterday. My style ranges from light to dark poetry (modern enough but not postmodern) and some Japanese verse forms like haiku, senryu and tanka. I hope you will bother to check out my work. Thanks and happy writing.
One of my favorites.
Looking through the eyes of a soldier...well written piece...true and meaningful words, Katie...10