(2/18/94 / some where in this universe muhahaha)

A Soldiers Love

They retreat from the past
For they know they shall never forget, it will never pass
As those they love shelter behind whats to come
For from the bottle of pain they take some

They wait for the day to come the day to leave
Yet until then the fire, and horror shall make them greive
Their friends longing to hear ther voices, feel their touch
To think they will never see their faces again, they shall not think of such

The sounds fill their ears as they wait for the firing to subside
As they know they stand with the others side by side
They long to be home, to be in peace, to be in their place
And they know time is all they face

It shall come, the day it ends
The day the memories end, the memories that shall not mend
They know they will be back to the place they love
The day America sees the dove

As they wait they think of those back here
And know it is for the lives back home they fear
They know that their here, they just don't know why
As they sit behind the sheild of life they look to the sky

As they sit they do not know that back home we look to the same sky
As they sit and wait they wish it were all a lie
As they sit and yern for hope they look above
For they know in their heart this is a soldiers love

(may all the soldiers get back safely to their homes, and family. And hopefully it shall be soon that america sees the dove. god bless all soldiers and everyone)

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This poem has so much lovely sentiment in it. Well-done, a pleasure to read.
Bethany- Most of what I've written is for my best friend (and true love) who is scheduled to come home tomorrow after two tours in Iraq. Thank you for this poem, it's perfect. -shannon