A Soldiers Pain

Poem By Daniel Cowgill

The soldier sits bloodied in his cell,
Knowing if he tells the U.S. will go to hell.
As sweat and blood drip down his face,
He’s wishing for that better place.
His family lay home grieving in pain,
Watching and waiting that he might remain.
The door flies open a whip is shown,
As he lay on the wood block all he could do is moan.
His body brittle weak and scared,
His mind messed up, his hope impaired.
He got up the courage to fight the men,
His life turned around when he knew he could win.
Six years later he lay on death bed,
When a church decided soldiers were hated.
While our soldiers are in pain we sit and complain.
If our nation stands up in God’s name,
Our people’s support will heal our soldier’s pain.

Comments about A Soldiers Pain

that was such a good poem and i truly agree with the things that you said this poem should be at the top of the poem's list...
I shudder to think what a soldier goes through...my grandson's class is sending letters....and chapstick...toothpaste and such...wish I could do more....great poem.....Vallerie

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