SB (03-06-1990 / coimbatore (now in chennai) ..)

A Sole Walker

Across oceans, as sole hawk-
yearning for a soul to talk,
through my path, had an isolated walk.

Loneliness chased my life,
to slew my woes, had no knife.
through my path, been I only a trife.

While all evenings ran slow,
none to speak, had an isolated blow
through my path, saw no illuminated glow.

Saw no rose, but only thorn
with unknown reason I was born,
through my path, only sadness have I worn.

To view the world, when I turned,
tough lessons are there to be learnt.
through my path of life, only sorrows I earned.

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Comments (4)

Beautiful :) ... I have felt similar thoughts many a time...!
A piece well written. It kind described me as myself either. Thanks! !
I really liked it, i could tell you were depressed when you wrote this D:
I really like your poem I can feel the sadness in it.