When You Cry, I Cry

You're sitting along a curbside hill full of rocks and dirt
I sit beside you and you cry, I realize that you're hurt
I sit and question until tears are in my eyes
You look up and see the heavens in the sky
I think of my tears so big and bold
I think of my little eyes no longer can they hold
You start to walk down a long rocky road
You stop and realize that the hate in your heart has overflowed
You look around and see familiar faces
I turn to tell you you've found love in all the wrong places
You walk towards a river and it's not what you were expecting
You stare for a while and realize that it's just your reflection

by sherrell reeves

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cant tell what it means old words and sayings
To some lives! To care and share. Nice piece of work.
.........a fascinating and excellent write...adding to my faves ★
Oooooh very nice poem. I like it!