A Solitario's Story

Poem By Cielo Banda

To walk alone is easy,
but to walk further
when a friend parts, isn't!
To be alone is easy
and sometimes, the most comforting!
But after losing a friend that shared a rapport, thats a curse!
A curse I wish not, even upon the worst of men!
A curse that might drive you insane.

Trust me, you wont miss them when you are bored,
or when you're scared
or even when you feel defeated.
Its the worst when you are elated.
For, When you realize you can't share your glory,
That will kill you more than grief ever could!

The happy moments shared won't haunt you,
for they are the ones you will cherish.
But the reason you liked each other,
will haunt you forever.
For you never will realize,
What it was that kept you together!

You were with, not merely a person,
whom you saw for what they weren't.
But a mirror!
One that worked like the mirror of erised,
A mirror that showed you yourself,
your desire, only a bit too perfectly!
You then realize the reflection isn't you,
that enantiomers aren't really similar,
and then it shatters completely!
Not the mirror but your heart!

Heartbroken you lash out,
hurting yourself and your friend,
and all those who even intend,
that you two be together.

And all thats left is a bitter mood,
Over which you brood
as persistent as a curious child,
till you drive yourself insanely wild.

Finally you delude yourself,
that being alone
gave you more joy,
And to decide otherwise,
was just a foolish ploy!

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