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A Solitary Confinement

A Solitary Confinement

So few people understand
Or even care
The connection that holds us
More tenuous than real

Perhaps then, my greatest strength
Lies within and not

The tending of my own
A matter of dressing my own

I need not ask for anything more
All that was needed

Was long ago given, and only now
Do I
See, and what’s more, feel
The full measure of my

(Previously published in Poetry Soul to Soul, Nov.2005)

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Finally I found a good poem that you wrote It is amazing But a solitaey confinement would be more for a jail But you used it in a better way Because jail is too horible and painful to talk about
Really good. Your line(s) 'The connection that holds us Together' reminds me of the definition of the word 'Dharma', in Buddhism: 'that which brings (or holds) us all together'. It's also used to refer to the Buddhist teachings themselves. Your thought 'The tending of my own Misfortune A matter of dressing my own Wounds' is profound. It's called 'obedience to karma' in Zen Buddhism, and marks the end to self-pity. I really like your work, man.
Are we solitary before the tenuous link or do we become solitary as a consequence of it? Is a thought that springs to mind after reading your poem Laurence. I do admire your style. 10 from Tai
An echo of hidden thoughts- beautiful