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Making Our Clowns Martyrs (or Returning Home Without Chauffeurs)

We all know why you have come back home with no
National colours flanking your black Mercedes Benz.
The radio said the toilets in the banquet halls of
Your dream have grown green creepers and cockroaches
Which won't flush, and the orders you once shouted
To the concubines so mute have now locked you in.
Hard luck my friend. But we all know what currents
Have stroked your temper. You come from a breed of
Toxic frogs croaking beside the smoking marshes of
River Shire, and the first words you breathed were
Snapped by the lethal mosquitoes of this morass.
We knew you would wade your way through the arena
Though we wondered how you got chosen for the Benz.
You should have been born up the hills, brother where
Lake waters swirl and tempers deepen with each season
Of the rains. There you'd see how the leopards of
Dedza hills comb the land or hedge before their assault.
But welcome back to the broken reed-fences, brother;
Welcome home to the poached reed-huts you left behind;
Welcome to these stunted pit-latrines where only
The pungent whiff of buzzing flies gives way.
You will find your idle ducks still shuffle and fart
In large amounts. The black dog you left still sniffs
Distant recognition, lying, licking its leg-wounds. And
Should the relatives greet you with nervous curiosity
In the manner caved in somebody's image,
There is always across the dusty road, your mad auntie.
She alone thinks this new world is going shit. She
Alone still cracks about why where whys are crimes!

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This is Marvellous. enjoy reading line by line as this poem connects with the current affairs of Mw
Lovely narrative piece of poetry with beautiful rendition of words. Thanks for sharing Jack and welcome to Poemhunter.