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A Son’s Wish
DQ (March 10,1975 / Boston, MA)

A Son’s Wish

Poem By Dan Quiles

Father, oh dad; I think of you often.
I love you dearly. It’s clearly how I feel.
I can barely feel the last thought of you.
I merely know thee.
Yet, you reject me.
You keep your distance.
By chance I hope we meet.
Yet, my hopes are slim and dim.
The coldness is brutal.
Why are you like that?
Why do you keep me with hunger?
Do you know they are many other kids like me?
I don’t want to be like that.
Life was different when we were together.
We had it all.
We used to have a ball.
After you left the house.
We struggle.
There a throng of kids just like me suffering, hustling, Prostituting themselves to make ends meet.
Older adults prey for us little ones.
I don’t want to feel pressured to use and sell drugs.
Others kids do it on a daily basis.
I stole a loaf of bread the other day.
I felt horrible committing sin,
But I want to see another tomorrow.
Borrowed time is worthless, so tasteless.
I don’t think, I am evil person.
I am trying to live just like you.
I didn’t force you to make me.
I have your eyes.
I have your face.
I have your voice.
I have your hair.
Is it for my mom that you are like that with me.
Please, all I seek is a constructive relationship with you.
In order to have everything to last forever.
But please don’t make me suffer anymore.
I am getting older now and time is running out on you.
Father, just hear my cry.
If you stay long enough,
I have a song to tell share with you.

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