The Love Of Jesus

Jesus loves you that is true
Because of all the things He did for you

He came to you as a baby true
To show you He was human, too

He helped His foster father, Joseph, build houses
for their neighbors
So they would have no labors

He also traveled the country wide
On a camel, a gift of merchants, to ride

There was a time Jesus saved a child from a fire
Because all the people were afraid of the fire

He was nailed to the cross
So that you could the Bridge to Heaven cross

If you really loved your neighbors, too
I am sure you would have done all the things that
Jesus did for you

March 17,2006, Clarence A. Graham, Jr.

by Clarence A. Graham, Jr.

Comments (2)

I dy even in desire of death. Still live in me this loving strife Of living Death and dying Life..... //..... Expressions so insightful, profound and philosophical. Great sharing.
It is rather confusing how he seems to enjoy life on Earth, yet is in such a hurry to go to heaven. When he prays Still shine on me, fair suns! that I Still may behold, though still I dy.. So even with good luck in his life, he still wants to be in heaven right then and there? If I were him, I would milk the joy out of mortal life and then enjoy eternal life in heaven.