JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)

A Song

Most High- His name alone
Declares His might, but I too-
Insignificant- will sing of
The Lord's glory.
He has lifted my soul
From the doom I was destined for,
He has shown me His love
With the gift of His Son.
I, thirsting and barren,
Lifted my eyes and beheld His glory.
Now I sing, in praise
But more so in awe.
For I, poor wretch.
In my sins,
Could never merit the love
I receive day by day.
God alone, when I
In torment of soul do cry,
Can soothe my aching heart
And give me rest.
But his mercy did not end
At the cross;
Rather, His mercy but grew
With my acceptance of His gift.
Now, my Lord, Most High,
Receives pleasure in blessings
Which he rains down continually.
Jehovah, my God,
Messiah, my Savior.
Praise His name, O my soul.
He who lifted me, made sure my feet,
Cleansed me, and renewed me.

by James Grengs

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