Time Bomb

i wont let him win once again
i can't let him win again
i don't want to cry again
i don't want to die again

i want to forget
what you have done
i want to help
right my own wrongs
i want you to see
what you have done

i'm like a ticking time bomb
bout ready to blow
my life is confused
and i can't escape
this hell

by gabby sutherland

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At her side! ! Thanks for sharing.
For who could have foretold That the heart grows old? No one can foretell the future. Aging is an experience to be lived and enjoyed.
Life unfolds as we walk through it. None of forsee much though it has been there before us and would be there after us. What we experience is the only thing that matters.
Everyone is going to be old and die. Nice poem. Enjoyed.
It would burn the body at death bed but can't burn the soul. A beautiful poem shared. It is nice to be choosen POD.
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