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A Song For My Savior
JS (12/2/1989 / Antartica)

A Song For My Savior

Poem By Jack Smith

I come again before Thy presence, Lord
Just as I am, weak and frail
Your grace and peace uphold my soul
your mercy ever at my right hand

What did I do to be absolved of mine iniquity?
and how can I repay your grace, irresistible?
for can I light a fire for the morning sun?
or can I offer silver precious for the twilight moon?

I take slow, unsteady steps, cautious
Your angels without, ever ready
with whispers of love and echoes of mercy,
you gather me as I break and embrace me to heal

who is like unto you? or who can be above you?
who can understand your thoughts? or who can know your ways?
great and mysterious are you, my Lord and my God
you draw strength from babes, you perfect wisdom in fools

my life you have enriched, with grace abound
my spirit you have brought alive, death conquered;
where shall I go to sing your song? for lo, in my darkest hour,
and in my deepest despair, you carried me gently in the palm of your hand

like a phoenix, I rise again, from my ashes
soar to the skies, I will, for you, my God
riches I forsake, to the world I look not
losing my life, that I may gain immeasurably more

let me diminish, my King, that you may increase
let me die, that you may live through me,
I cast me down, that you may rise above
for, from dust I came forth, and to dust I shall return

and when that glorious day dawns,
when I see my life's dusk nearing and when it's time to return,
when I close my eyes in sleep and my soul flies to your bosom,
I pray, that I would stand faultless before Your throne

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