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A Song For Rachel

A Song For Rachel

I watch you, sat next to me smiling,
Telling me things, sometimes, just sometimes,
I see that smile change,
Morph, into a grimace, for a second, pain flickers across your face,
And I want to make it go away

Why? Because I know, from all these years
You’re the only one who does this for me
It’s like you’re my antidote, from the pain of reality
I hope I am the same for you
You deserve it.

Sometimes I remember back to my first day at school,
And I think thank God the teacher picked you to look out for me,
I think of the times when you were there for me
And I am grateful
More grateful than words could ever say

I know things are tough for you right now
So I want to pay you back,
I want to show you how you’ll always be my friend
And how special you truly are.
I want to fix it all for you and be here for you

I look back at you and your smile, being jolted around by the bus,
I say something stupid so you grin some more and I watch your pain fade slowly away,
We’ve had better days you and I,
But we’re strong, we’re a team, we’ll pull through
Be selfish Rachel, this ones completely for you.

Obviously dedicated to the one and the only best friend and fellow poem hunter Rachel frikin' Anderson!

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this honestly is the only poem ever to make me cry when i read it. i really didnt know you loved me that much though lol. i rekon your poems rock.. especially the ones about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 10 outta 10, great job dude and keep it up: D x
'I want to pay you back': it's good to read it about friendship. To think well, it's very simple. Happiness could be just this, the author could be called 'Happy Girl' in the true sense.