(1631 - 1700 / England)

Sun And Planet

You are the Sun,
And i am Planet.
From years to years,
I am roaming around
Round and round.

Sometimes i am close.
Sometimes far far away.

You are the reason.
Why i have seasons.
Sunny summer is my strength
Windy winter is my weakness.

You have given a day.
You have given a way.
You have hold me with endless force from countless time.
People call it gravity.
I call it love.

Yes, My love

You are the Sun,
And i am Planet.

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The trumpet shall be heard on high, The dead shall live, the living die, And Music shall untune the sky! A musical poem with trumpets and Violins that shall echo in the mind for a long while. A heavenly harmony!
Ahead of its time I'd say, considering the Plague. Lots of great words: sequacious, warbling, diapason.
amazing poem; great mixture of mythology, religious texts, music, and poetic devices. The creation of the universe began with the aide of beautiful, musical harmony. In ancient Jewish mythology, Jubal invented a lyre (harp) with string stretch across a tortoise shell. ((What passion cannot Music raise and quell? When Jubal struck the chorded shell)) I love the way great poets place their words so magnificently. Instead of saying ((Music can always raise and quell passion, he phrases it ((What passion cannot music raise and quell)) ... the personification: Trumpets ((shrill notes of anger)) , the Flutes ((dying notes)) speaks of ((hopeless lovers woe)) , ((Sharp violins proclaim Their jealous pangs and desperation, Fury, frantic indignation,)) In the end, the Biblical Apocalypse will be ushered in with the bellicose trumpet which shall ((untune the sky)) Please read and review my latest poem, Nighttime Reveries and Reflections, there is original artwork accompanying it.
thanks for allowing us to read such a wonderful poem
a very harmonious poem of the beginnings of life on earth and then it goes on to tell us what will happen at life's close?
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