Beside A River Bank

I picture myself sitting on a river bank
The willow hanging loosely by my side
I have my life and nature I should thank for this
And beauty follows me with every stride

Once resting and at peace with mother nature
The passing hours and minutes seem like jewels
Away from all the pressure and the future
Away from all the idiots and fools

The silence only broken by a passing wind
That flutters as a warm and welcome breeze
As if it reaches out to me then disappears
And brings me gently to a life of ease

The sleep I take in briefly has me restful
As the daylight drifts in hours of mid-day sun
And all my worries vanish into nothing
As nature fills my heart, and takes my hand

by Phil Soar

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Beautifully and aptly presented the poem'A Song for the Defeated ' High speculation. Lovely poem, many thanks sir.
A beautiful write with a nice theme and message!
So very nice, Sunil! Tight rhyme scheme, the kind of poem meant to be recited aloud. Don
Ha ha! This one made my morning! Thanks for sharing.