A Song For The Innocent Loner

Poem By Stug Jordan

A song for the innocent loner,
the plough-hand and fish-boner:
his slow pipe
lowers as he listens
to his own voice, broken through dreaming.

The call of some other flesh awakes
in his dry mouth, where a smile breaks -
the hunchback hills
climbing to the sea-line,
where his silhouette walks sometimes,

leaning, wandering, aching, self-singing
in his head, eremitically ringing,
pondering the shapes
of coin-bright stars,
and rain like shillings spilling into the street.

The dance of a derelict breeze
passes his face with infinite ease:
the splash of a limb
on the solitary rocks.
He looks about; baskets on cobblestones.

Comments about A Song For The Innocent Loner

and I always struggle with the word rythmn! lol!
I'd forgotten how bloody brilliant you are Stuggy, this is fantastic. Has a really great rythymic beat to it when you read. Would sound wonderful at a poetry slam. Love it love it HG: -) x
You combine rich language and striking imagery to bring this wonderful piece to life. The gently lulling rhythm and unforced rhymes help set the mood and tone of this atmospheric write. Love it. Justine.
i think you write really well
excellent work here Stug, well balanced with the elements and appropriate use of modifiers make this a great read. I particularly enjoyed the senory image in strophe 3. Enjoyed this immensely and thanks for luring me into your stash. Bernie

5,0 out of 5
5 total ratings

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