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A Song In My Heart

If we were meant for each other
Why should I lose you now
Why can't I fight for our love
I feel hopeless and alone
Why don't you try to find me
When you're lonely and blue
Why should you let me lose you
And let me cry all alone
If we were meant for each other
Why can't we be together
Why I couldn't even hold you
At night when I'm freezing blue
Why can't we fall and be free
From all the ties that bind us apart
Why do we have to fall in love
If we were not meant to be

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love is so deep and yet so far away. love is hard to understand at times. this was a wonderful poem.
ant that the truth y fall when ur not ment to be? such a confuseing question... u should try reading a book called why we love its pretty interesting it explanes what in our brains that make us love
Excellent poem Little Star, love is such a complex emotion, I think it causes great confusion. I enjoyed the read and truly feel the frustration of the narrator. Thankyou for sharing.--Melvina--