A Song In Our Heart

We have a song we love to sing, a special song about our King.
Friend this King will always be, The King through all of Eternity.
This song we sing in our heart, throughout our day plays a part,
As the sweet melody within, reminds us that we belong to Him.

Friend, The King of all Eternity, through The Spirit, lives in me,
My heart became His Throne, when He made me His very own.
God gave me brand new life, through The Savior Jesus Christ,
Who fills my heart all day long, with a new and everlasting song.

A song unlike any other friend, for once it begins, it has no end.
The song will then fill your heart, with Christ’s love from the start.
Christ then fills you with a peace, from God that will never cease.
And in this song you shall find, God’s comfort for heart and mind.

Friend, this song, you shall see, will focus you heart on Eternity.
The song is lead by The Holy Spirit, and not all men can hear it.
But The Spirit fills you with mirth, the day you receive new birth.
It then continues in eternal song, when we join Heaven’s throng.

Christ can make all things new, and this day He can start in you.
When you let Him be your King, you too will have a song to sing,
As He fills your heart with love, that only comes from God above.
And just like His song of peace, the Love of God will never cease.

(Copyright ©03/2006)

by Bob Gotti

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Hey Bob, you know how when people can’t explain something they often just say that God works in mysterious ways? Well, I think the devil works in mysterious ways too. The next time you trip over your own feet and land and the sidewalk and passersby start laughing derisively at you, you’ll probably think it’s God working in a mysterious way. But I don’t think that’s God’s style. He’s loving, not vengeful. Whoops. Well, there was that nasty little incident of the Great Flood. Hey, I think the devil might have been inspired by that flood. Maybe when he thinks about it he says, “Praise the Lord.”