(08-30-60 / Metro Manila, Philippines)

A Song In Time

Notes floating, fleeting music in the air,
Swiftly flying, flowing one after another
Shaped in hues and fairydust scents
Of a melody once hummed by the birds

Tempo unaccented...a melancholic cure
Blended with beats of rhythm and blues
Molded into chords of frets and strings
Concocted an array of enchanting hymns

Gloomy, tearful eyes shining after a long time
Of polished new hopes spirited out from a song
Weep not! Say goodbye from sadness and blues
Promise never again sing a song out of tune

A song is a path like a journey we traverse
Composing and arranging to the ideal of pitch
A crescendo of life as in survival of the featest
A docendo discimus* from the trials of our lives

If once we have failed to write a song out of verse
Another time, another chance if we try to rehearse
Stop counting the times we stumble and fall...
Start counting the times we have risen from the fall

Music is mysterious like a life of trial and error
Of patience and time perfected in its splendor
A simple note to melody envisioned so divine
A maestro...an orchestra...and a song in time

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great stuff, fine and interesting.
Cynthia. I think that this poem was beautifully written. Well done! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Better than my work! You go girl. Max Sanderson
A potic song.. beautifully written Phil
Music and poetry are very much interlinked. Both rely on combinations of notes or words to induce a certain response in the audience. This is a wonderful piece that I could imagine the composer Ned Rorem, putting to music.