A Song Of Eternity In Time

Once, at night, in the manor wood
My Love and I long silent stood,
Amazed that any heavens could
Decree to part us, bitterly repining.
My Love, in aimless love and grief,
Reached forth and drew aside a leaf
That just above us played the thief
And stole our starlight that for us was shining.

A star that had remarked her pain
Shone straightway down that leafy lane,
And wrought his image, mirror-plain,
Within a tear that on her lash hung gleaming.
"Thus Time," I cried, "is but a tear
Some one hath wept 'twixt hope and fear,
Yet in his little lucent sphere
Our star of stars, Eternity, is beaming."

by Sidney Lanier

Comments (33)

it is very nice and amazing
Thanks for sharing this lovely poem.
Oh nice good poem xoxoxo
too tangential, somewhere in race for vocabulary the feelings are lost
I love reading over the words of this poem and imagining what other words are possible. There's my poetry to Sidney's poetry. So beautiful.
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