A Song Of Gratitude

At sunrise I give thanks,
for it is Your day.
To see a friendly smile, a good deed done,
and to hear a kind word spoken
makes me rejoice.
I feel Your presence in a beautiful country garden
ablaze with color, sweet fragrances, and a gentle breeze.
The stately trees tell of Your righteousness.
Grand mountains show Your power.
The bird's song speaks to me of joy.
At evening a sublime sunset by the peaceful seashore.
All these things remind me of Your great goodness, wisdom, and love.
Now at the end of Your perfect day, I raise my voice in a song
of deep gratitude to You for all these wonderful things.
And as I fall asleep, I feel tucked in Your embracing love,
and know it encircles all eternally.

by Catherine May Greensides


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