A Nameless Grave

It was just a day, but a day, like any other day
That was until I heard him say, “It’s time to come with me”
Though my thoughts told me differently, I did not hesitate to agree
As if in a sleep I began to wander
Only to awake under my old willow tree

So I went on my determined way, thinking it was but a dream
A Sparrow sat upon a tree and swung down to announce to me
“I am your guide; fear not, for I will set you free”
“For all those burdens that you bare”
“And all those for whom you did not care”
“For love and empathy you could not share”
“It’s time to come with me”

It was just a day, but a day, but unlike any other day
The winged usher would flutter, and cause my eyes to shutter
Then nothingness for as far as the eye could see
Nothing but my old willow tree
And the grey of a granite stone that rest nestled under thee

This is the day I learned my fate, and could no longer have my stay
I bludgeoned pleas to the menacing fowl, all to my dismay
Only to learn the fever had burned, and I had been displaced
Left with an empty wake, alone with no friends to sake
And a life not worth begetting
Empty was this life for me, as emptiness surrounds this old willow tree

It was just a day, but a day, only to be the end of days
Where all that was color was turned to grey
Ghastly alluding the birds of prey, not listening to the voice that would say,
“It’s time to come with me”
And all I had to take, was the loneliness I would forsake
For relationships squandered I could not save
Forever banished to a nameless grave

by Eric The Viking

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This song of Kabir which is very beautifully penned really mesmerizes mind of readers. We perceive this world in form of light of wisdom...10
To learn and discern! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
The name Kabir in the title interested me as I’ve read and appreciated this mystic’s songs in translation. But as to this Kipling poem, the unfamiliar words for which I’ve found no definitions leave me without a sense of Kipling’s attitude towards Kabir. -GK