A Song Of Summer

A Song of Summer

How much I love you.
When the morning mists appear,
I know that soon you will be gone.
As the darkness comes earlier,
I sense that you will be leaving me;
until you come again next year.
You have nurtured my seed
and borne my fruit;
caressed my face
with your warm embrace.
I know you have to go,
but I long for your return,
even before you are gone.
I will while away the cold days,
planning for our reunion:
thinking of us darting
through the fields
or simply laying together.
Perhaps I should go after you:
to some distant place
where you stay with another;
I know you will welcome me.
Our time together
is more precious for me,
for I am part of the season,
and you will always
come again.

by Martin Ward

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This has a wonderfully wistful feeling. It is written with a perfect flow which makes it a pleasure to read. Judy