At Home

When I was dead, my spirit turned
To seek the much-frequented house:
I passed the door, and saw my friends
Feasting beneath green orange boughs;
From hand to hand they pushed the wine,
They sucked the pulp of plum and peach;
They sang, they jested, and they laughed,
For each was loved of each.

I listened to thier honest chat:
Said one: "To-morrow we shall be
Plod plod along the featureless sands,
And coasting miles and miles of sea."
Said one: "Before the turn of tide
We will achieve the eyrie-seat."
Said one: "To-morrow shall be like
To-day, but much more sweet."

"To-morrow," said they, strong with hope,
And dwelt upon the pleasant way:
"To-morrow," cried they, one and all,
While no one spoke of yesterday.
Their life stood full at blessed noon;
I, only I, had passed away:
"To-morrow and to-day," they cried;
I was of yesterday.

I shivered comfortless, but cast
No chill across the table-cloth;
I, all-forgotten, shivered, sad
To stay, and yet to part how loth:
I passed from the familiar room,
I who from love had passed away,
Like the remembrance of a guest
That tarrieth but a day.

by Christina Georgina Rossetti

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A beautiful poem in just three stanzas. The gist of the poem has been aptly brought out by two fellow readers which I appreciate and like to quote here again: By Cleo Barawid: - 'we love the unattainable, something or someone way beyond our reach. it happens to most of us'. By Adrian Flett: - 'The seemingly unattainable is often the most sought'.
Adding the 10 and myriad more for the vote and rating. I wanna repeat: What a loveliest and cutest poem. But too saddest, the poetess died a young age 49. May she rest in peace. Amen.
True love, no adorations only. An excellent Modern Poem Of The Day as chosen by our Poem Hunter Poem Site, THE Greatest Poem Site! Congratulations! Also my sincerest congratulations to the poetess family in the USA and abroad, so nice and feeling wealthy to have an artistic family member in the art of words. Dear Family, GBU All.
The poem looks for true love, not adulation. Thanks for posting this poem Chandan
Loved the poem. Thanks PH.
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