A Song Of The Princess

Poem By Sara Teasdale

The princess has her lovers,
A score of knights has she,
And each can sing a madrigal,
And praise her gracefully.

But Love that is so bitter
Hath put within her heart
A longing for the scornful knight
Who silent stands apart.

And tho' the others praise and plead,
She maketh no reply,
Yet for a single word from him,
I ween that she would die.

Comments about A Song Of The Princess

A beautiful poem in just three stanzas. The gist of the poem has been aptly brought out by two fellow readers which I appreciate and like to quote here again: By Cleo Barawid: - 'we love the unattainable, something or someone way beyond our reach. it happens to most of us'. By Adrian Flett: - 'The seemingly unattainable is often the most sought'.
Adding the 10 and myriad more for the vote and rating. I wanna repeat: What a loveliest and cutest poem. But too saddest, the poetess died a young age 49. May she rest in peace. Amen.
True love, no adorations only. An excellent Modern Poem Of The Day as chosen by our Poem Hunter Poem Site, THE Greatest Poem Site! Congratulations! Also my sincerest congratulations to the poetess family in the USA and abroad, so nice and feeling wealthy to have an artistic family member in the art of words. Dear Family, GBU All.
The poem looks for true love, not adulation. Thanks for posting this poem Chandan
Loved the poem. Thanks PH.

3,2 out of 5
58 total ratings

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