Family: Halting My Velcro-Mind With Sticky Stuff

I cannot live like this, only want
to take a photograph with your
new yellow camera – follow the
instructions, change the settings,
customize; I lose interest

Want to open a link recommended
by a friend, Installation Instructions,
help troubleshooting – no, I come in
peace, content development - what? -
visit security center – where?

Click install now button automatically
download – no such button visible
anywhere; instructions for tar.gz;
what is Targiz – son of Tarzan? -
.rpm: Ripim – Rip Van Winkel?

A YUM repository – a Yum-Yum such
as a dumb giant like Alifanfaron? – and
where is the button, the magical button?
I cannot live like this, nothing done in
one simple step, everything

Comes in fifty questions and sixty
explanations, halting my velcro-mind
with sticky stuff, stopping the process
before we even started, I’ve had

by Margaret Alice

Comments (3)

Fair and fresh for an hour And now, Faded it lies in the dust and low. Great conceptualization. Thanks for sharing it here.
I really enjoyed reading this song it has got rhythm, flow and words
Very beautiful poem with so much meanings.