While drinking the long night
you became taller than the eternal
question, bitten by the moon.

Witchhunting will not stop
in oligarchy. A human right
stands on the ivory gate to enter the dust.

The weightlessness is paraded
nude amongst the full-lipped
follies of ornamental speech.

The duende was lacking in palace.
Rivals held the moonlight.
Now the muse will become celibate.

A giant mantis hops on a podium
to bless the dying god, and the candle
burns whole night.

by Satish Verma

Comments (11)

truth and wisdom excel each other in this poem.....lovely sir
a beautiful song indeed! One good deed begets another is the universal truth....strangely we seem to be forgetting it all the time.
irony of life........... But still it is wonderful....good poem
amazing how a great veteran poet brings out a treasure of wisdom words through these lines...this life a play on the disc of dices...who knows who will hold where on the disc revolving stopping....10
A poetic outpour of the wisom of years. A poet shares his experience with all, He has a honey tongue, not a heart of gall.
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