A Song Of The World

Oh! What a wonderful world it is!
One man finds not for his child milk,
The other one roams about in his satin and silk.
That one is the result of poverty,
And this one, he says, is liberty.
Perhaps, one’s destiny plays its vital role,
Even should he run for his daily dole.
Ask not, why fortune should give a few happiness,
For they know only to say “Mind you business”.

Oh! What a wonderful world it is!
Till yesterday, at his best, a mighty king he was,
Today, uncrowned, a fellow being he is.
No wonder, a poor man remains not so ever,
Yonder he goes, what made him a millionaire?
An accident, or a coincidence, or action followed by reaction,
Or, the wheel of fortune or misfortune, as it turns in alternate direction?
Ask not again, what is all these about,
For none is sure to dispel your doubt.

Oh! What a wonderful world it is! !
Does the sun stop shining,
Or the moon from waning?
The clouds choose not men and pour rain,
The fields prefer none but cater everyone.
Why then often goes man changing,
His reputation he cares not losing.
Ask not, why nature acts so impartial,
For it shall do its function, anyone immaterial.

Oh! What a wonderful world it is! !
Hatred begets hatred, everyone knows,
To love others, nothing it costs,
But why hesitate to follow this way still,
And choose to hate others despite one’s will.
With pride and prejudice none can thrive,
The way to success lies in “live and let live”.
Ask not, why one’s mind whiten not as a lilly,
Sure, (it isn’t difficult) should only he follow the
rules of nature, really.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

Comments (11)

truth and wisdom excel each other in this poem.....lovely sir
a beautiful song indeed! One good deed begets another is the universal truth....strangely we seem to be forgetting it all the time.
irony of life........... But still it is wonderful....good poem
amazing how a great veteran poet brings out a treasure of wisdom words through these lines...this life a play on the disc of dices...who knows who will hold where on the disc revolving stopping....10
A poetic outpour of the wisom of years. A poet shares his experience with all, He has a honey tongue, not a heart of gall.
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