A Song Praise And Thanksgiving To God For The King's Majesty Raigne

With cheerefull voice we sing to thee,
O Lord, accept our melodie;
For thou in mercy, as we see,
Hast delt with us most louingly,
In giuing vs a royall king,
Whose fame in all the world doth ring.
God save King James, and still pull downe
All those that would annoy his crowne.

In wisdome like to Solomon,
His grace doth sit in princely seate,
With sword of iustice in his hand,
And maintaines truth for small and great:
He doeth succeede our Hester, shee
Who neuer will forgotten bee.
God save King James, etc.

Like Constantine the emperour,
He dooth begin his royall raigne,
Whereat his foes are danted much,
And seekes to him for grace amaine.
Lord, make their peace to bee in thee,
And then thrice happy shall we be.
God save King James, etc.

The Gospell pure he dooth maintaine,
Among vs preached as before :
Blind ignorance it shall not raigne,
As some did hope and threaten sore.
Our realm God hath established,
And former feares from vs are fled.
God save King James, etc.

Lift vp your hearts to God on hie,
And sing with one consent of minde
Laude and prayse to the Trinity,
For our good king that is so kinde.
Let vs reioyce in God alway
That we have seene this happie day.
God save King James, etc.

All countries ioyne with vs in loue,
To beat down Turke and Pope apace.
The king and counsel's acts approue ;
Let vertue now all vice deface.
Amidst all ioyes prepare to dye,
That we may liue eternally.
God save King James, etc.

by John Rhodes

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