NK (1981 / Nakuru, Kenya)

A Song To Africa

Let me sing to you
my dear African brothers and sisters
my brothers and sisters now on dhows and dinghies
or whatever vessel you use
on the more-often-than-not fatal odyssey
to the Canary Islands, the gateway
to easy life, easy money
I wish you well my siblings
I really do
for I have heard what you have endured
long dusty days without a dropp of water
as you trudged across the Sahara
Stretches upon stretches of sand
That tested your will to live
I have seen how you’re repulsed once you arrive there
As if you were maggots or rodents
Don’t let your hope die for hope is good
And a good thing never perishes
For we will rise again someday

Let me sing to you
My dear African brothers and sisters in Darfur
I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through
As the so-called-diplomats meet in New York
To determine your fate
As they drink and laugh over your demise
A question you should ask them is;
Do you care
What should we do to deserve your help
Are we too insignificant to be seen or heard
We are poor yes, we are homeless yes
We are Africans yes, we are powerless yes
But did we choose to be this way
Did we apply to be born in Darfur
Did we desire to live like animals, to die like flies
To be just numbers in your statistical analysis
Are we not human beings like you
Ask them though I know they will not listen, as usual
We will rise again someday, I am sure.

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liek your somewhat alliteration in 'Sahara Stretches upon stretches of sand' and your first 6 lines. give image of mombasa fishermen. kool poem :)