A Sonnet For A Fearful Heart

Life is dimmed from time to time with heartache
We focus on the pain we feel inside
Realizing what we have put at stake
We are humbled by likely loss of pride
In this humility He works His love
Like only His love can work from within
Sweet is His grace that rains down from above
Restoring our wounds, burying our sin
He shows us His love through His Holy Word
Through the communion with Him in our prayers
Through smiles of a loved one, or laughter heard
Or the smell of rain, drifting in the air
Yes, God’s blessings are given everyday
Oh, how they should calm our fears and dismay

((February 25th,2005))

by Danny Speicher

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Great solace to the fearful heart! When we place our faith in HIM, the heart will no longer be a fearful heart!