A Sonnet For Africa

The land of peace, unity, freedom and justice
Loving one another with great transparency.
A continent of racist-free populace
Of black ancestry with norms that are prissy.

Africa: the birth cradle of human race
And the real emblem of earth truest beauty.
Like a calm storm, land is free from menace
And endow with natural resources of fertility.

Tears overcome my joy when I do miss you
Because I can't resist this true bliss
When I am with you and when bidding adieu
Cause I hate losing your love like a breeze.

The origin of human civilization
Still maintaining cultures and tradition.


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You remind me of my flight through Africa.I was amazed by the beautiful continent.Travelling from Botswana to Kenya, i saw God's art on a canvas of soil and was mesmerized by the twisting rivers, the towering volcanoes and the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro.From Kenya to Netherlands, i was taken by the beautiful desert that lay awake beneath with its tears of sands and wavering heart beat.I love Africa.Thank you